What BoD Members Say….

Kim is a tremendous talent. I am amazed at the success of the magazine and know that much of that success comes directly from her leadership and creativity.

What Member Writers Say….

While I have had more than 40 years of experience and handled billions of dollars in transactional work, I have worked with legal editors for a substantial portion of my career, both as an author of a book and a columnist and writer. Kim is right at the top of my favorites. She consistently grasps the essence of the legal points I endeavor to make in my column. She is quick to point out any inconsistencies or glitches in the communication. I rely on her heavily and have never been disappointed in that regard.

What Member Writers Say….

Kim has an unyielding attention to detail and an uncanny ability to organize thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Her work improving my published articles brought me praise that she deserved. She is an asset to our organization and to our profession.

What Member Writers Say….

Kim is a gifted journalist and publication manager. More importantly, she understands lawyers and the odd world of in-house counsel. While attorneys and the legal profession offer an eclectic challenge to anyone, Kim has shown patience, inquisitiveness and practicality in the face of broad professional diversity. She is a cheerful and detailed writer and editor—one who appreciates the nuances of our profession and our occasional lack of specificity.

What Business Development Colleagues Say…

Creative. Targeted. Knowledgeable. Disciplined. Thoughtful. Fair.

These are adjectives I'd use to describe my experience working with Kim Howard. Kim knows her business inside and out. As a colleague, she consistently provided good counsel and direction on matters that intersected with her core publishing areas. Her keen management skills facilitated the editorial and non-editorial aspects of the business. Stumbling blocks were avoided and processes moved smoothly on both sides of the house. Kim taught me a great deal about what it takes to tightly run a polished publication with a sophisticated audience.

What Service Partners Say…

Kim is always professional; always logical.

What Member Writers Say…

Kim has a strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement. She is smart, balanced and passionate about her work. Most importantly for a journalist, she has a sense of curiosity and desire to improve her knowledge and understanding of the law and its real-world implications for those who practice in-house.

What CEOs Say….

Kim made a difference from day one. As a CEO, you can't ask for more than that.

What Art Directors Say….

As an art director, I couldn't have asked for a better editor in chief. Over the years we've worked together, the trust to do our job was appreciated—as were the pushes to do it better.
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