May 03 2016

Choice Blogs for Writers

If writing is part of your job, check out these blogs to stay creative and keep abreast of publishing trends and freelancing tips.

These days, anyone who can string a few words together and figure out how to create a WordPress site can be a blogger. But the blogs that really create and publish rich content for writers are not as common. Below are the blogs that I have in my RSS feed. The variety of focus of each blog keeps me interested. The editor in me could not help but alphabetize them.

A Way with Words

If you are the kind of word nerd who loves the history of language and phrases, this is the site for you. If you prefer podcasts over RSS feeds, this site offers this content delivery method, too.


This blog is about copywriting and content marketing — but don’t be put off by the overused term content marketing. Much of its content is rich and useful to anyone who writes. And, Copyblogger’s blog posts are consistent as the site publishes daily.

LittleZotz Writing

Lauren Tharp is the edgy hipster of the blogs that I follow. With one side of her head shaved, she looks more like a punk-rock princess than a writer who develops brands through blogging. Don’t let the hair fool you. She offers solid information on her blog. We all have brands that need developing. Find out how she does it.

Men with Pens

Not everyone who works or writes for this site is a man. Interested in having your website and copywriting be world-class? This is the spot for you. Our friends in Canada have useful resources for association publishers.

Mr. Magazine

Some of you may have heard Dr. Samir Husni speak at a previous AM&P Annual Meeting. His credentials are impressive, and you can read about them on his website. For his blog, he profiles well-known magazines and interviews their c-suite executives. If you want an insider peek to what is going on in the publishing business, this is the blog for you. But, as an editor and avid tweeter, I need him to write shorter headlines.

Sharon Hurley Hall

Sharon Hurley’s tagline is “write on time and write on target.” This doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Like many writers, her portfolio of experience is impressive. She is willing to share her knowledge about writing and other areas that we all are involved in.

Words on the Page

When I started consulting, I knew that running a business would be more than the projects. This site is an excellent resource for anyone running a freelance business or thinking about starting one. Lori Widmer, a freelance writer, blogs about all topics related to running a freelance writing business. Starting your own business is not for the faint of heart, but she provides excellent advice and resources.

I hope that you explore these blogs for writers. And, please, do let me know which writing blogs you like to follow.

This blog was originally written for Association Media & Publishing.

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