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Back Story

Like many other association professionals I know, I “fell” into this line of work. Armed with a journalism degree but working in retail, I answered a job posting in a newspaper (remember those?) and was hired as the associate editor for a business credit magazine.  When I made the career transition in November, my store manager was so mad she said, “I hope you fail.” That was my first lesson in how to be a better manager.

My first associate editor job taught me a lot about writing, editing and publishing a magazine. This was a long time ago when authors sent in copy on a floppy disk through snail mail, and we actually used grease pencils to mark up the hard copy blue line. I fell in love with association publishing and eventually went on to work for four other magazines.


I stayed in association publishing for 20 years because I love serving the members. It’s pretty simple: When you make a positive impact on someone, it can be a rewarding experience. And, you get paid to read, write and edit. It’s a word nerd’s dream! Who wouldn’t want this job?

All of the industry talk about “print is dead,” “magazines are passé” and where is the “future of publishing” is overblown. Don’t listen to the naysayers. If we knew how to predict the future, the lottery would cease to exist. When you create good content that your audience is in love with; when that content aligns with your mission, you deliver it in various forms; measure it adjust it when necessary; and profit from it—you will likely be in business for a long time. This YouTube video titled “The Future of Publishing” is on point about how content creation is in your hands. Know. Your. Audience.


What is in it for you? Here’s what you can expect from me.

  • I produce better content that truly helps your members. If you are not producing content that your members clamor for, you may not be approaching your content in the best possible way. Still devoting too much space to photos and blurbs from events? How does this content help your members? It doesn’t. It just feels good for the people who were there. Like I always say, the only one who cares about your award is your family. You can still show off that award content—you just have to position it differently.
  • I create content strategy that aligns with the mission. How much money did you pay your last strategist to help create your mission statement? I suspect a lot. But, is your content aligning with your mission and serving your members? It is critical that these two areas always intersect because your publication is likely the only tangible benefit that all of your members receive.
  • I build a more effective and efficient publishing operation. After two decades in the publishing business, I know what works and why. I have access to the best in the industry and I share that knowledge with my clients. I also measure outcomes so that you truly understand your ROI.
  • When was the last time you saw an increase in ad revenue? The publishing industry has taken a hit for a long time. For profit companies are producing content faster and better and they have more money to throw behind it. You cannot afford to ignore this.
  • Interested in stocking your wall and shelf with publishing awards? I spent eight years winning 89 awards for my last magazine. I know what works and why. The competition is stiff and I can’t guarantee you will always win. You might have to let go of some sacred cows, but you will be pleased with the results.
  • Timing matters. Do you have a publication that gets out on time and within budget? If this is a foreign concept to you, then you definitely need to contact me.
  • I always tell you what I think. I don’t believe that consultants are hired to take off your watch and tell you what time it is. My job is to treat your bottom line as my own. If you don’t thrive, neither do I. I expect results from my work and so should you. Lou Gerstner, former IBM CEO said, “Never confuse activity with results.”

Who Is Kim Howard, CAE?

I work with experts who are doing great work in their space. I am a certified association executive (CAE) who has successfully managed award-winning content for associations in the business credit profession, cleaning and restoration industry, apartment industry and the in-house counsel profession.

Non-profit does not mean no profit. I have developed over 20 annual budgets and helped each association that I have worked for grow and prosper financially. Not only do I write for myself on my personal blog, Kim Scribbles, but I have also ghostwritten for business owners, CEOs and Fortune chief legal officers. Looking for tips on starting your own magazine? Sign up to receive my checklist, “60 Things You Must Know Before You Start a Publication.” The link is on top of the page.

Associations are unique in the business world. I understand them. But, I also have a broad network of talented designers, writers, printers, digital providers, sales and marketing professionals outside of the association space. Together, we can create content your members are so in love with, they can’t do without it.

In my previous life as an employee, our flagship publication and its supplemental global newsletters won 96 editorial and design awards during my eight-year tenure. Working together with the development team, publishing revenue increased 30 percent. I have also received two awards for my blog posts, which were read twice as long as any others on my former association’s blog. Awards include: APEX, Clarion, Communicator, Content Marketing, EXCELGold Circle and the TABPI Tabbies.

Award Winning Publications

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Services Offered

  • Communications and marketing audits
  • Content audits
  • Content creation for marketing materials, surveys and websites: crafting effective calls to action and clear next-step guidance; marrying content with great design
  • Cost-saving analysis, publication budget planning and administration
  • Design and redesign services: vetting design firms; customizing design to match content; researching competitive design trends
  • Developing editorial and production calendars
  • Digital and mobile publication launches and management: maximizing content exposure through multi-channeled offerings with measurable results
  • Editorial services: copyediting and proofreading
  • New publication development
  • Printing analysis and RFP process
  • Producing award-winning content
  • Publication management: creating, managing and mentoring teams
  • Social media management
  • Temporary services for publishing team members on long-term leave or during a transition
  • Vetting service providers
  • Writing services: executive ghost writing, original writing and interviews



  • Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation, ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership
  • Mini MBA Program, Boston University
  • MA in publications design, University of Baltimore
  • BS in journalism and public relations, Troy University

Volunteer & Speaking Gigs

My eight-year board of directors commitment ended as the immediate past president for Association Media & Publishing. I served on two ASAE committees: Greater Washington and Research. I have held leadership positions in the association publishing executive industry, senior-level management positions for national and international trade associations, and provided commentary and insight for industry trade magazines, consumer publications and online forums. Throughout my career, I have published several million words, covering industries and topics that include the legal profession, association publishing, multi-family housing, cleaning and restoration, and business credit. I have also served as the editor in chief/publisher of five magazines.

Below are previous association industry events where you would find me speaking on subjects that I am passionate about. At the most recent presentation, our panel was rated overall 4.31, with the average conference session rating coming in at 4.0.

  • Coalition of Education Association Publications, 10/16: “Using Social Media to Share Your Publication’s Content and Engage with Your Readers”
  • Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting, 06/16: “Publishing Responsibly by Publishing Responsively”
  • ASAE Great Ideas Conference 03/14: “From Soap to Hobbits: Content Marketing Lessons from Major Brands”
  • ASAE CAE Kick-off Course instructor, 09/13
  • Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting 06/12: “Website Design Trends”
  • ASAE Great Ideas Conference 3/12: “Chopped: The Association Version”
  • Association Forum of Chicagoland Holiday Showcase 12/11: “Emerging Website Design Trends”
  • ASAE Technology Conference & Expo 12/11: “Mobilizing Your Membership”
  • Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting, 6/11: “Mobilize Your Membership”
  • Digital Now Association Leadership Conference, 4/11: “Future of Mobile Publishing: Redefining User Engagement and Member Value”
  • WMACCA Chapter of ACC, 2/11: “New Media Ways to Increase Your Personal Brand Equity”
  • Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting, 6/07: “How to Communicate with Non-publishing Bosses”



May 03 2016

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What CEOs Say….

Kim made a difference from day one. As a CEO, you can't ask for more than that.

What Art Directors Say….

As an art director, I couldn't have asked for a better editor in chief. Over the years we've worked together, the trust to do our job was appreciated—as were the pushes to do it better.

What Service Partners Say…

Kim is always professional; always logical.

What BoD Members Say….

Kim is a tremendous talent. I am amazed at the success of the magazine and know that much of that success comes directly from her leadership and creativity.

What Member Writers Say….

Kim has an unyielding attention to detail and an uncanny ability to organize thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Her work improving my published articles brought me praise that she deserved. She is an asset to our organization and to our profession.

What Member Writers Say…

Kim has a strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement. She is smart, balanced and passionate about her work. Most importantly for a journalist, she has a sense of curiosity and desire to improve her knowledge and understanding of the law and its real-world implications for those who practice in-house.

What Member Writers Say….

Kim is a gifted journalist and publication manager. More importantly, she understands lawyers and the odd world of in-house counsel. While attorneys and the legal profession offer an eclectic challenge to anyone, Kim has shown patience, inquisitiveness and practicality in the face of broad professional diversity. She is a cheerful and detailed writer and editor—one who appreciates the nuances of our profession and our occasional lack of specificity.

What Member Writers Say….

While I have had more than 40 years of experience and handled billions of dollars in transactional work, I have worked with legal editors for a substantial portion of my career, both as an author of a book and a columnist and writer. Kim is right at the top of my favorites. She consistently grasps the essence of the legal points I endeavor to make in my column. She is quick to point out any inconsistencies or glitches in the communication. I rely on her heavily and have never been disappointed in that regard.

What Business Development Colleagues Say…

Creative. Targeted. Knowledgeable. Disciplined. Thoughtful. Fair.

These are adjectives I'd use to describe my experience working with Kim Howard. Kim knows her business inside and out. As a colleague, she consistently provided good counsel and direction on matters that intersected with her core publishing areas. Her keen management skills facilitated the editorial and non-editorial aspects of the business. Stumbling blocks were avoided and processes moved smoothly on both sides of the house. Kim taught me a great deal about what it takes to tightly run a polished publication with a sophisticated audience.
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